Third Rail



IIIR014 – Third Rail

“They were on his tail and finally caught up to him. He must find a hiding spot and come up with a new plan… soon.”

Mechanical percussive effects and glitchy electronics depict cyborg wars and mass devastation in these intense industrial trailer builds.


IIIR013 – Third Rail

“Brute force tearing down this city with the sole purpose of eradicating our civilization. Who sits atop this machine? Who is behind all this?”

Glitchy and gritty, distorted synths and guitars ramp up the grinding tension in these industrial trailer cues, with edgy sound design adding to the threat of violence.



IIIR012 – Third Rail

“I’m a survivor. Others must be somewhere out there, too. They got to be. That SEARCHLIGHT, I must go to it.”

Evocative and melodic intros with emotional melodies long for the courage to face upcoming dangers while aggressive hits and risers emphasize the impending evil as the tracks transition into their builds.



IIIR011 – Third Rail

“As I dive deep into the abyss, I discover the desolation of war that also took place underseas. The oxygen tank is running low. The SONAR doesn’t show any signs of life. Must return to surface and keep on looking.”

Facing horrific danger in a faraway universe, encroaching threats are depicted by building synths, effects and drums in these powerful trailer cues.



IIIR010 – Third Rail

“Today I got a glimpse of the REAPER, and I couldn’t be more afraid. Must hide below ground.”

Devastating drums, aggressive distorted synths and edgy electronics equal total annihilation in these intense trailer cues.



IIIR009 – Third Rail

“Stay alive, we depend on you. Go FULL THROTTLE, don’t look back.”

Bone splitting drums, percussion and sound design wreak havoc while grinding synths incite violence in these powerful, edgy trailer cues that go full throttle from the get go. Try and catch up.



IIIR008 – Third Rail

“They all wanted to live free of poverty, hunger and disease. They just couldn’t escape the deadly nuclear fall-out from that REACTOR they put on earth.”

Skull-crushing drum hits and aggressive electronics build out of disturbing atmospheres to create powerful outbursts of energy in these intense trailer cues.



IIIR007 – Third Rail

“They fought bravely, but you must understand that EXTINCTION is the rule and survival, the exception.”

Extinction brings together relentless tension and uneasy atmospheres where powerful drums and glitchy electronics collide with epic brass, strings and electric guitars.



IIIR006 – Third Rail

“A dead crew and a crash landing on top of the Chrysler building. Who are they? What do they want?”

Dead Man’s Switch delivers a high voltage collection of unique hybrid sound design and percussive tracks that can destroy entire planets.



IIIR005 – Third Rail

“Machines against machines. It’s the aftermath of a terrible battle. An entire civilization extinguished.”

Machinae is an intense sound design hybrid album where the constant and powerful sounds of machines build to intense climaxes.



IIIR004 – Third Rail

“An entire civilization collapsed. A man on a mission to discover how and why.”

Collapse is a powerful album that contains 21 high impact tracks that range from industrial hybrid to hard rock and sick electronica.



IIIR003 – Third Rail

“With dangerous threats closing in, our hero’s epic courage and determination push him on despite overwhelming odds and the chaos reigning among the ruins of this city.”

Red Zone contains 15 gritty hybrid compositions combining mind-bending electronic and rock elements with a few orchestral elements.

Red Zone-IIIR003


IIIR002 – Third Rail

“After our post-apocalyptic hero ventured into Dark Territory, this lone survivor now enters a city ready to find out whoever is behind this chaos… and blow them up.”

Detonator contains 26 cues that combine exploding drums and percussion along with disorientating electronic effects and bending synths to create galactic builds.



IIIR001 – Third Rail

“Dark Territory begins a journey though the desolation, anger, and fear, as well as the dreams and hopes of a post-apocalyptic survivor in a dark new world.”

Dark Territory contains 25 mind-bending music beds, 25 dramatic transitions/intros/builds and 30 exhilarating percussive beds. Orchestral elements, if any, have been kept to a minimum. Where this journey ends is anyone’s guess.